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I am an experienced  Relationship Therapist  specialising in Couples Counselling. I trained and qualified with the Relate Institute  and share their philosophy on the importance of happy healthy relationships contributing to positive emotional well being.

 I have worked with couples on a wide range of difficulties including affairs, trust, intimacy and sex, respect and abuse , family conficts and much more. Whatever difficulty you are experiencing I will work with you in a respectful way and without judgement 


 I am also experieced in Individual therapy and have over  30 years experinece of working in  Mental Health  I have seen how difficulties in  family, friendship and work relationships as well as our intimate relationships can impact on emotional well-being. This can be something new and unexpected or it can seem like we are repeating patterns. Sometimes we may not know what it is ourselves, and feel confused and anxious about wanting things to be different but not knowing what to do to make the changes. Counselling can help to de-clutter some of the thoughts that can feel overwhelming and confusing. Having more of an understanding of why we think and react the way that we do can help us to make those changes and give us choices.. I will work with you in a common sense way helping you to find solutions that are right for you

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